Energy Balancing for daily living

A book that radically redefines how we see the world and opens up a new way of thinking and living.


Step into another dimension of being

Transform your life! Step into the incredible world of energy and use energy to change your life.

  • Learn to perceive energy
  • Use energy for well-being
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Get X-ray insight into the cause and solution of problems

Learn the art and science of working with energy

A powerful tool that you can use for yourself and for working with others  - by giving 1-to-1 sessions or by leading workshops.



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What is Energy? Why is it important to you?

  • What is Energy?

    Energy is a subtle world of forces that exists within ourselves, flows between us and other people, and is in everything and everywhere.

  • How is energy affecting your relationships?

    How is your energy affecting others?

    How is other's energy affecting you?

    What's the real "chemistry" in your relations?

  • Energy and well being

    You carry a myriad of energies. These can be healthy or unhealthy, uplifting or bringing you down.

    Learn to increase your vibration and carry energies that expand you.