Become an Energy Balancer

Become an Energy Balancer Workshops and Trainings of the EBI for giving 1-to-1 sessions or leading groups with Energy Balancing

Work with others using Energy!

Energy Balancing is the art and science of deliberately working with the Energy Field and with Energy Streams and change their state. It is a powerful tool that you can use for yourself and in relating with others.


The first step is Self-Balancing (Level 1, EBY Workshops). Whether you want to give one-to-one sessions as an Energy Balancer or lead Energy Balancing groups, or if you “just“ want to develop more energy skills - for use at home and at work, with family and friends - these trainings enrich you und give you the gift of really being able to make a difference!

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Area of Study

Work with the

Human Energy Field

Work with the Chakras

Energy Psychology

This begins the deeper inner personal transformation work that occurs through the chakras and includess advanced training in Energy Balancing.


  • EB for You (EBY) Learn Energy Balancing just for yourself. Work directly on your own field. Learn to use energy in daily life situations.
  • EB with Others (EBO) Learn to give a simple Energy Balancing Basic Session and to work with the energy field of another.
  • Teach EB Basics (EBB) Learn to lead Quick, Simple and Effective Workshops and teach basic EBY-tools.
  • EB Certification (EBC) Take yourself and your client deeper into Energy Work and become a certified Energy Balancing Trainer
  • Train the Trainer (TTT) Learn to lead and teach the comprehensive Level 1 (EBY) and Level 2 (EBO) Workshops yourself.


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Courses Offered

  • Start here anytime

    Quick, Simple & Effective Your Energy in Action! 2 days Your Consciousness in Action! 2 days Your Higher Self 2 days
  • Energy Balancing Basic 1 2 days Energy Balancing Basic 2 2 days
  • Lead “Quick, Simple and Effective” workshops 3 days
  • Start here anytime via                      Essence Training Academy

    Energy Balancing Certification Program 2.5 Years
  • Learn to Lead

    Level 1 YEIA course 1 3 days Level 1 YCIA course 2 3 days Level 2 EBB Workshops 3 days Specialty Workshops created by EBI Trainers


Become an Energy Balancer

Take these same “Energy Balancing for You” courses and add other materials including:

  • coaching
  • giving and receiving sessions
  • readings
  • and more
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