Essence Training

The parent organization of Energy Balancing



The Deep End of Energy Work

Essence Training is an Inner Work School offering intense 5-day workshops in Germany as well as introductory workshops in Germany and abroad. It has its root in Energy Work and Evolutionary Psychology. Seven 5-day-trainings each focus intensively on one major theme of life. These workshops are promoted via Frankfurter Ring and you can enter the training any time and take one workshop only or take all.


An environment for intensive self-exploration

Essence Training combines dynamic group processes, personal process work, energy balancing, meditation and teachings to create a rich environment for personal transformation. It gives you a map, many energy based methods and a manual to “Full Spectrum Spirituality”. We work on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual body, so no part of you is left out.


Energy Balancing was developed within the School where it was put through its paces with many participants. The advanced Energy Balancing programs, starting with level 5, are taught within the Essence Training modules.


Professional Trainings for working with others

The professional branch of the School provides in-depth training in the Science of Human Potential, working with others as an Essence Trainer as a 1-to-1 Coach and as a Group Leader.


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